Spliethoff is an experienced NATO partner. At Spliethoff we are well trained and committed to making sure all Sealift projects are handled confidential, and efficiently according to the highest standards. Set standards are defined for each Sealift project, and compliance and monitoring are in place to ensure that all requirements are met. 

Ro-Ro (Roll-on/Roll-off)

Spliethoff has a fleet of Ro-Ro vessels
designed to transport wheeled cargo
such as trucks, cars, trailers and other
rolling equipment. Our Ro-Ro service is
often used for international trade and
logistics, the vessels are designed to
operate in ice-restricted, remote areas.

Lo-Lo (Lift-on/Lift-off)

All Spliethoff vessels are equipped
with removable tweendecks and cargo
cranes with a lifting capacity of up to
1,400 tonnes in units. This range of
Lo-Lo capabilities makes the vessels
suitable for loading and discharging all
types of cargo anywhere in the world.

Flo-Flo (Float-in/Float-out)

Spliethoff Group’s semi-submersible
vessels are designed to transport
floating cargo such as superyachts,
large construction pieces and military
equipment. Our Flo-Flo service is often
used to transport yachts around the
world. The specific design features
make the vessels very suitable for
marine transport and Ro-Ro cargoes.

What can we ship for you?

Other cargo